Studienfahrt London 2016

Study Trip to London 2016 (Par, Nor)

Although the hostel we used was not comparable with The Ritz, our study trip was a great success.

Our first full day in London was a public holiday, so the area around London Eye was even fuller than normal.  However, the weather was kind enough to give us wonderful views over the city in all directions.

The disadvantage of an open top bus tour became obvious quite quickly on a cold, windy and sometimes rainy day.  Several students decided after a while that London had more to offer than getting wet, so moved on, while others bravely stayed.

The Tower of London never fails to impress in terms of its history, the buildings and the Crown Jewels, which always look so much more spectacular than in pictures.

For many, the highlight was a private visit to the headquarters of the investment banking operation of Barclays in the spectacular setting of London Docklands.  We saw the huge trading floors for both equities and bonds, separated on different floors, and were also given a background to banking and advice on how to plan a career.  After this, many of us went on to see the spectacular sights of Greenwich.

It was particularly pleasing to see how well students used their free time and the variety of things they did, including visits to several museums, art galleries, and the spectacular outlook from the top of the Shard. 

The trip passed off without incident.  The students were excellent; many thanks to them for their attitude and co-operation.